laurie fait

Stereotypical MBTI in fiction: a Summary

  • INTJ:

    The quiet person who sits in the corner and glares. Probably doesn't know how to smile. Or flirt. Might kill people

  • INFJ:

    The nervous overly tidy dependable person, alternatively the quiet wise person, alternatively the one that yells a lot.

  • ISFJ:

    The good one. The 'group mom', usually. Very loyal and cautious. Might be overprotective.

  • ISTJ:

    The protector. Dependable, tends to focus on protecting loved ones above all. Traditional.

  • INTP:

    The nerd. The kind you put in their own locker. Very smart. The person who keeps talking even when everybody already stopped paying attention.

  • INFP:

    The good person. An idealist. Really enthusiastic about morals. Good protagonist.

  • ISFP:

    The artist. Very laid-back, casual and chill but also caring. Also a good protagonist.

  • ISTP:

    The person who's into things like vehicles. Needs to be active. The kind of person to jump on buildings or have a bow with arrows.

  • ENTJ:

    The perfect leader unless they're the antagonist which they quite probably are. Might also kill people. Good planners.

  • ENFJ:

    Very sweet people. Everybody likes them and they like everyone. Very determined. Know how to get what they want.

  • ESFJ:

    Usually highly value morals. Want everyone to have a good time. Family/friends oriented kinda people. You could say selfless.

  • ESTJ:

    Logical administrator, good planner. Might be workaholic. Probably will be. Not very good with feelings.

  • ENTP:

    The witty one. Probably also yells a lot. Very spontaneous. Very likely to be the greedy yet lovable halfway antagonist.

  • ENFP:

    Very enthusiastic and optimistic. Not a big fan of planning. Very spontaneous. Very fun. Comic relief character, sometimes.

  • ESFP:

    Party people. Want everyone to have a good time. Easily bored. Feel v. comfortable in a group.

  • ESTP:

    Good protagonist material. Might be kinda manipulative. Very casual and kind of carefree.